This is my companion food blog to “The Meal Matters Most” science blog about the importance of seeing food in context to the ecosystem of our bodies. My main focus is changing our points of view about what we see creating metabolic distress or obesity in 70% of the world’s population. I don’t think it is calories.  I believe it is the declining quality of our foods and our neglecting the interactive qualities of these foods on our systems. So for me getting back to health is taking an individual role in rebalancing stress in our systems and one approach is focusing on how sauces, herbs and condiments play a role in the health of our meals, both because they balance flavor, but because they can also potentially balance our systems.  A “culinary lifestyle” when based on real whole foods and traditional recipes can lead us to better health for ourselves and our families.

About me:


I am a public speaker and stress management specialist focusing on changing the worldviews on how foods can both cause and build our resiliency to stress. We can know this by taking a Systems Approach to understanding the synergistic qualities foods have together and on us. Stress produces energy management issues that lead to many types of disorders. Food can play an active and prominent role in rebalancing that stress.

Here are some quotes from organizations and participants of my presentations:

Corporate Stress Management:

“Lori has proven to be an engaging speaker who is able to make detailed scientific research relatable to employees of all backgrounds. Guests to Lori’s presentations asked questions, shared stories, and were overall pleased at the takeaways they learned.”

“The GE HealthAhead team would recommend Lori Hogenkamp as a professional speaker for organizations looking to have a conversation about stress management. Lori’s professional yet approachable style and ease to work with make her a valuable asset for your team.”

GE HealthAhead Team

Healthy Cooking through Home-Made Sauces

“When Mayonnaise was a Health Food”

Figuring it out

“Healthy and Fun Food Choices! Lori had such passion and knowledge! Great Experience! The Hands-On was especially great for the young cooks!” ~ Marcia C. Banker and Mom

“I’m a visual learner so Lori’s class was perfect for me. I’m going to try all the dressing and sauces and can’t wait!” Joretta, School Teacher

“The best part was all the sauces were easy to make and tasted great! Lori did a great job explaining the reasoning and presented both the information and sauce-making extremely well!” ~Maura, School Teacher

“A very interesting and useful demonstration and class” ~Stephanie B

“Very knowledgeable and well presented information” ~Pat, Gardener, cook, and reader

“Wonderful, inexpensive ways to make healthy, delicious and easy additions to our meals! Can’t wait to try all them all.” ~Hilary, fun loving mom

“My goal is to maintain the health of myself and my family. I feel Lori has given me the tools to support that goal in flavorful ways I hadn’t considered before. I loved the information on the importance of homemade sauces compared to store bought.” ~Judy, mother, wife and home cook

“Food is a necessity for survival. I thought the sauces tasted heavenly and they help us stay in balance which is a plus. Lori was funny and even talked louder than the mixer! The presentation was amazing and made so much sense. She couldn’t have done any better in my opinion. I want to try them all again!” Samantha 13 years old

“As a mother with 8 children I strive to cook healthy so my children will like or “learn to like” healthy foods. I thought Lori was so right and very clear about the need to get back to just basic cooking. You will not get heavy when eating healthy as in cutting back on processed foods. This class was so much fun! Thanks Lori.” Lisa H. housewife, mother and cook @ hospital


Thanks so much for visiting my site.

Please call to schedule cooking class or stress management public speaking for your organization or small group 513-313-1076. I can tailor to your specific needs.

You can also follow me on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Email me at Lori.Hogenkamp -at- gmail.com



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