Red Beet and Apple Salad with Crispy Truffled Greens

Photo Credit unknown

I finally used my beet green leaves instead of throwing them away. Do you know about beets and their super-energy giving potential? Or like me you think they are just fabulously delicious?

Beet greens

Beets have more than several years of research that the suspected nitrates in beets along with a few other phytochemicals like betalain, will give your blood more oxygen and the antioxidants to amp up your resiliency toward the rest of your meal and the environment.

So beets what we’re told is that beets get your systems to not go through our oxygen stores or to use it better. The more oxygen the more you can do, the faster and longer you can run and the more you can be, well you (and maybe a great way to lower blood pressure). Runners for example are using beets as a supercharger to shave seconds to minutes off their times. It’s not a crazy bio-enhancer, but it helps get your system to its potential. Nitrates, like in hot dogs, are often the villains in health and those type of artificial nitrates should be avoided, but the nitrates in vegetables? Awesome. We could hypothesize that the manufactured nitrates are what attracts us to those processed products, but are detrimental, but the veggies sources are phenomenal. Whole food source comes with the balancing buffers and benefits, so feeling low on energy, instead of coffee and sausage, you could try some yummy veggie juice for your morning kick-start! Here’s a recipe for a great Crispy truffled greens with apple and beets.

beet and apple1

Beet and apple salad with truffled crispy greens.

I wanted to add beet green leaves to a recipe. This dish was delicious, of course my umami go-to cheat, truffle oil, can make any bitter green taste addictively insanely fantastic!

1/2 boiled beet
1 cup beet and kale greens boiled and pan roasted with pine nuts, red wine, salt, pepper, butter finished with balsamic vinegar and black truffle oil
1/4 granny smith apple
Crumbled goat or blue cheese
Lemon-Garlic Vinaigrette

I paired this with Grabbie’s Ginger Beer with a slice of lime from Whole Food’s. Perfect!

Beets and apples and ginger beer


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