Imitation Skyline Chili Dip with Kale

Cincinnati Skyline Chili: The original.

Enjoying Skyline Chili

Skyline Chili is a Cincinnati tradition but it gives me a terrible stomach ache and let’s face it ‘fast food’is sketchy. Here’s a made-at-home version that I find more to my liking and makes great use of that last bit of Kale of you have! Do you have a favorite variation on this classic Cincinnati fare?

Kale is glorious and adds a hearty base

Im Skyline

The rest is hardly cooking, it’s assembling, (here’s a scratch recipe for true imitation skyline) but this version with a package of Madras Lentil is easy and healthwise still a step in the right direction from mystery foods (and health consequences, like massive stomach aches I get from fast-foods, sorry skyline). And this version is pretty darn good “Fast Food” to me!


After the kale has sauteed in red wine vingar and whatever assorted indian spices you have on hand (cumin, coriander, tumeric, cinnamon or your favorite curry blend, salt and pepper), and oil of your choice, about a tablespoon. Peel open Madras and add to kale. Add 2 Tablespoons water. Simmer. Remove and blend.


Put back into saute pan, add 3 Tablespoons or so of Greek Yogurt or Sour cream or Cream cheese


and then add a handful or so of Cheddar cheese on top. Place into broiler.


Mmmmmmm, broiling cheese….



sirichi skyline

Corn chips of your choosing, Srirachi, more yogurt (you can put cream cheese under, but I like it fresher like this). Delicious! Fast! And no tummy aches!!skyline 2


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