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Blackened Mahi-Mahi on Arugula with Champagne-Horseradish Vinaigrette


This was a great dish that came together on a whim. I am a Trader Joe’s girl so when I ran out of my homemade seasoning I was only to happy to switch it to try out Trader Joe’s BBQ Coffee rub. I don’t regret it. It’s a wonderful find. I’ve used it on my pulled pork on the re-heat and it was absolutely marvelous. So I was not scared to try it here. So thoroughly dry your Mahi-Mahi steaks and rub with BBQ and your choice of salt. Then dust with parmesan and a sprinkle of flour. Fry in olive oil. For the salad mix your choice of veggies or just plain arugula with almonds, pine nuts with manchego (or parmesan) cheese. The dressing is simple but just perfect as many a homemade vinaigrette tends to be; Olive oil, lemon, champagne vinegar, honey, salt and pepper and Annie’s Natural Horseradish Mustard. Enjoy! Continue reading

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Vanilla Latte Brownie

IMG_2686[1]The Vanilla Latte Brownie

I’m a girl that needs chocolate. And sometimes nothing will do but a chocolate cake. But this brownie is the perfect middle ground. It’s a cakey light full of rich deep chocolate flavor lightened with just enough frappe vanilla essence.

The core of the recipe is from Ina Garten’s “Outrageous Brownie” Recipe and the rest I improvised with what I had and what I wanted. Continue reading

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Chicken Wings the deep-fried healthy way?

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Chicken Wings from Brick House Tavern Chicken Wings from Brick House Tavern (Photo credit: powerplantop)

I had a challenge on Twitter yesterday about whether I’d be eating (and I think buying a round of) chicken wings in the name of health. Ok, I’ll take that challenge.

Can chicken wings be healthy? Or at least let’s say less unhealthy?

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Why I’m crazy about Sauces!! Korean Fried Chicken Wings and the awesome benefits of Meju and traditional Gochujang (fermented red chili paste)

Originally posted on The Meal Matters Most:

Korean Fried Chicken from Korean Fried Chicken from

Do you or do you not love chicken wings? Are you scared of them because you may think they are horribly bad for us or do you throw caution to the wind because they are just so wonderfully delicious with messy addictive sauces?!?

Well, here at The Meal Matters it’s all about the synergy of ingredients balancing the potential stress of a meal. 

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Pad Thai (Noodle-less version)

A noodle-less version of Pad Thai

Noodle-less Pad Thai

Simple and Easy Noodle-less Pad Thai. Chicken Pad Thai at a local restaurant was one of my favorite new discoveries. My daughter sometimes wants nothing else. I’ve failed so many times trying different recipes and never quite capturing the flavor I fell in love with. Unfortunately restaurant Pad Thai seems to be getting sweeter and more “fast food” style than ever, so finding the right recipe became a more desperate but seemingly hopeless endeavor. Enter Trisha Yearwood and her friend who adopted a baby girl from Thailand”s Pad Thai Recipe. Trisha’s Southern Cooking inspired this recipe, although I diverge from her recipe and keep the simplicity and technique.

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A Little Healthier Slutty Brownie?

IMG_0880 The name of these brownies cracks me up. They allude to a dessert that is ‘sleeping’ around with other desserts, which is actually appropriate visual for these very dense and naughty delights.  You have a layer of chocolate chip cookies with a layer of Oreo cookies under a layer of Brownies. The flavor combination is a chocolate childhood memory walk of everything that was good and wonderful in cookies and special after-school treats. Of course these are insanely calorie dense and the only way to make it even remotely better for you is to add some fiber, whole foods, sugar buffers, real chocolate and grassfed butter. So here it goes…. Continue reading

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Honey mustard Rosemary chicken


This is an incredibly delicious and stupendously simple recipe that makes great tasty chicken you can pair with dozens of different vegetables and side dishes. I love that it uses stock pantry items I always have on hand: Honey and Mustard. I like to use dark meat thighs for this but you could just as easily use breast meat. (Don’t be fooled into thinking the dark meat is fatty, it’s untrue, it has slightly more fat, but also has greater levels of things like taurine, making it heart healthy especially for women, so say studies) Continue reading


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